10 Things You Know Are True After a 10 Year Friendship

If you’ve had a 10 year friendship, there are certain things that are just universally true. Check out, “10 Things You Know Are True After a 10 Year Friendship” below and happy 10 years of friendship to my partner in crime.

You’ve seen each other grow through bad bang and questionable fashion phases into the badass women you are today

10 year friendship

Anyone who would be seen in public with you after you cut your own bangs with surgical scissors or doesn’t remind you every day that you used to wear cheetah print Uggs loves you unconditionally.

Their family has become your family and you know where they stash their good snacks

Your siblings and parents are their siblings and parents. You never have to worry about them at family functions because they’re busy catching up with your great-great aunt and helping themselves to your mom’s candy stash.

You could go months without talking to them and still know them better than anyone else

10 year friendship

You don’t need to know about what they do on a daily basis to know their dreams, thoughts, or why they have an irrational fear of haunted houses.

Your time together is spent using inside jokes and saying, “remember that time we..”

No one ever knows what you’re saying or what you’re talking about when you’re together, but you do and that’s all that matters.

You feel 100% comfortable calling each other out on your bullshit

10 year friendship

You’ve known each other for too long and been through too much not to feel comfortable telling your best friend her new boyfriend is an asshole or to give her some tough, but true love.

In fact, you’re probably too comfortable around each other…

You also have no problem being pantsless/braless around them or letting them pop an emergency pimple on your face while they tell you about their most recent UTI.

You’ve accepted their weird and annoying quirks enough to not notice them anymore

10 year friendship

She’s always late and leaves day old glasses of milk around her place, but at this point, you’ve accepted it as just “them.”

They have calming your crazy down and making you laugh down to an art

Whether you call them ugly crying or they can just tell you’re having a bad day they always know what to and what not to say to make you feel better

You’ve lasted 10 years for a reason

10 year friendship

They’ve been with you for too many seasons to count, they’ve seen you at your highs, and have seen you at your absolute worst- yet, they’re still there. You may never know why you fit so perfectly together, you just know it does.  

You can’t imagine life without them

They say that after 7 years of friendship, that your chances of friendship lasting a lifetime are inevitable. Good, because you can’t imagine a life without them and all the memories you’ve made together and the ones that need to be made.

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