20 Facts You Need to Know About Sexual Assault

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Here are “20 Facts You Need to Know About Sexual Assault.”

In 8 out of 10 rape cases, the victim knew the perpetrator.Facts About Sexual Assault

Nearly 1 in 4 women may experience sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

Facts About Sexual Assault

For the victim, the average rape or attempted rape costs $5,100 in tangible, out-of pocket expenses.

Facts About Sexual Assault

Many long-lasting physical symptoms and illness have been associated with sexual victimization including chronic pelvic pain; premenstrual syndrome; gastrointestinal disorders; and a variety of chronic pain disorders including headache, back pain, and facial pain.

Rape victims are more likely than non-victims to smoke cigarettes, overeat, drink alcohol, and are not likely to use seat belts.

In a study of elder female sexual abuse victims, 81 percent of the abuse was perpetrated by the victim’s primary caregiver.

Each year, it is estimated 25,000 American women will become pregnant following an act of sexual violence. As many as 22,000 of those pregnancies could be prevented through the prompt use of emergency contraception.

There is at least a 50 percent likelihood that a woman will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after being raped. Sexual assault is also closely associated with depression and anxiety disorders.

According to a study conducted by the National Victim Center, 1.3 women (age 18 and over) in the United States are forcibly raped each minute. That translates to 78 an hour, 1,871 per day, or 683,000 per year.

51% of the sexual assault cases studied in the Women’s Safety Project survey were committed against young women between 16 and 21 years old.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an estimated 91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female and 9% are male.

Rape or sexual assault was the violent crime least often reported to law enforcement (28%).

Only 16% of rapes are ever reported to the police. In a survey of victims who do not report rape or attempted rape to the police, the following was found as to why no report was made: 43% thought nothing could be done, 27% felt it was a private matter, 12% were afraid of police response, and 12% felt it was not important enough.

In a national survey, 27.7% of college women reported a sexual experience since the age of fourteen that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape, and 7.7% of college men reported perpetrating aggressive behavior which met the legal definition of rape.

Among developmentally disabled adults, as many as 83% of the females and 32% of the males are the victims of sexual assault.

The National Violence Against Women Survey found that rape is a crime committed primarily against youth. Of the women who reported being raped sometime in their lives, 21.6% were younger than age 12, 32.4% were ages 12 to 17, 29% were ages 18 to 24, and 16.6% were over 25 years old. Thus, 54% of women victims were under age 18 at the time of the first rape and 83% were under the age of 25.

Between 1/3 and 2/3 of known sexual assault victims are age 15 or younger.22 The rate of rapes and sexual assaults against lesbian and gays rose 13% nationally in 1995-1996, approximately twice the 6% rate for all violent crimes.

16% of male students surveyed by the Ms. Foundation who had committed rape, and 10% of those who attempted a rape, took part in episodes involving multiple perpetrators.

Women with disabilities are raped and abused at a rate at least twice that of the general population of women.

77% of completed rapes are committed by someone who is known to the victim.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please get help and resources here.

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Facts About Sexual Assault

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