20 Things You Need Stop Doing in Your 20s

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No one ever said being in your 20’s was easy, in fact, everyone says it’s quite the opposite. Your 20’s are the most confusing, unsettling, and arguably the toughest time you will ever go through. You’re starting your life, graduating, navigating and trying to balance your work life, love life, and social life all at the same time. Here are 20 Things You Should Stop Doing in Your 20’s (but probably won’t).

Eating cereal (or breakfast in general) for dinner

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Calling your mom in every crisis

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Not changing your sheets for over a week

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Going 10,000 miles between oil changes

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Still not knowing what all the stuff in your tool kit is for

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Making a Christmas list

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Missing work because you’re hungover

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Only visiting your family to get a free meal

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Caring what everyone thinks about you

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Agreeing to do things you’ll never do

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Expecting people to be better than what they are

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Staying in a relationship because you’re afraid to be alone

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Hanging out with toxic people because they’re “fun”

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Judging the hell out of everyone

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Choosing a Netflix binge over doing your laundry

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Eating fast food more than you eat home cooked meals

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Avoiding the gym like you avoid your ex

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Letting people tell you your dreams aren’t attainable

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Buying an excessive amount of drinks at the bar

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Being okay with “good enough,” and not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone

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What are some things you think everyone should stop doing in their twenties? Let me know in the comments!


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