2016 in Review: The Year of “Realizing Things”

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2016 was a hell of a year for all of us, right?

From a contentious election season, rising racial tensions and police/civilian brutality, to Leonardo Dicaprio FINALLY winning an Oscar, I think we have all been left scratching our heads asking “was 2016 even real?”

My personal life was no different from the general chaos that ensued this year. From getting engaged, almost dying from blood loss after a routine procedure, graduating in May, planning my wedding, then canceling my wedding, to my great-great grandmother dying 2016 has become the year of “realizing things.”

Realizing that as much as I would like to and try, I cannot control the things around me.

 Realizing that when you even when really love something the best thing to do is let it go.

 Realizing you have to really love yourself before you can properly love anyone else.

Realizing how much I take the people and relationship around me for granted.

Realizing that I cannot do this all on my own.

You may be thinking, “Shouldn’t a nearly grown woman/ 23- year-old have figured all these things out by now?”

Well, the answer is “yes” and “no.”

Like everyone else, I’m still figuring things out.

2016 may have been one of the hardest, most confusing, and chaotic years of my life, but I wouldn’t trade  the lessons I’ve learned this year for anything (besides maybe one more chance to hold my Granny’s hand and tell her, “I love you and you have impacted my life in more ways you can imagine.”) My hope for 2017 is that I am able to take these lessons and experiences and form myself into a stronger, more independent, kinder, and faithful woman.


So, here’s to 2016, the year of “realizing things.”

What was your favorite moment of 2016? What did you learn this year?

Here’s a gallery of the best moments of 2016 for me:



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