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About Just a Girl in This World

Just a Girl in This World, created by Chloe in 2016,  is a lifestyle website for strong and driven millennial women who want to change the world for the better. We aim to empower and inspire women to not only do better and be better in the world, but to be their perfectly imperfect selves through writing, social media, and digital content. Join the movement by joining us as an intern, brand collaborator, or even just an email subscriber.

Meet Our Team

We happen to think we have the best team of women around! If you’re interested in joining us as a Girl Boss in Training, you can apply to our internships here.

Founder- Chloe

Growing up, Chloe was always surrounded by a group of strong women. Whether it be through family, academics, dance, cheerleading, or any of other 10 million things she was involved in. It was through these experiences that she discovered her passion in life- building strong women.

 When she’s not working on the blog, you can find her at her day job as a WordPress developer, curled up in bed with her phone on “do not disturb,” collecting passport stamps, or getting lit on some dance floor. She also is the founder and lead organizer for a meet-up group for girl bosses, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the San Antonio, TX area called, Girl Power Hour- San Antonio

 She loves forming connections with readers and subscribers, so feel free to follow her on social media so you can become friends!

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Connect With Chloe

Contributing Intern- Kellie Alcozar

Kellie Rose Alcozer is a 20 something, native San Antonian. She has a passion for writing, social media, news, blogging, networking, and all things communications. She is currently working towards a degree in Communications at Texas A&M University San Antonio.

Born and raised in San Antonio her favorite holiday is Fiesta and loves a good breakfast taco. Her time is spent between her loved ones, dancing, bargain shopping and sipping on cheap margaritas.

As a product of a single mother household, Kellie has seen firsthand the strength and courage females possess. She strongly believes the possibilities for women are endless and they are capable of anything.

Kellie has been hustling to reach her goals since she graduated high school. From retail to call centers, from serving to event planning, and from internships to dog walking, she has done it all. But she trusts that hard work mixed with hustle and confidence and a good heart brings success.

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