4 Annoying Blogger Habits

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Are you secretly annoying your fellow bloggers? Check out “4 Annoying Blogger Habits” to see if you have any annoying blogger habits.

1. Following and Unfollowing

annoying blogger habits

There are some blogger groups out there who suggest this, but honestly nothing is going to turn anyone off more to you than following them so you can get a follow back, and then unfollowing them. Especially when you repeatedly follow and unfollow them over and over again. Girl, bye!

2. Automated Social Media DM’s

annoying blogger habits

Social media accounts are hard enough to keep up with as is without someone littering your inbox and notifications with insincere and generic automated twitter DMs. If you’re particularly excited to get a follow from a specific influencer or blog, than by all means send a message, but otherwise, just no.

3. Vague and Spammy Blog Comments

annoying blogger habits

If you’re part of a blogger network that lets you trade comments on other blogger’s posts for comments on your own, take the time to read the blog post and leave a thoughtful comment. Saying, “omg same” is just a waste of your time and more than likely is going to get stuck in that blogger’s spam filter.

4. Only Being in it for Yourself

annoying blogger habits

There’s more than enough room for everyone to succeed. Blogger’s who act like they’re better than everyone else because of their follower count or page views are missing out on the opportunity to build connections within the blogging world and to help other women. Helping guide or offering advice to another blogger will not hurt your own success. 

What are some annoying blogger habits you’ve witnessed? Let us know in the comments!

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