10 Apps for Young Professionals

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If you have room for Facebook and Tinder on your phone, you’ve got the room for these ten career-boosting apps. Here are “10 Apps for Young Professionals.”

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If Bumble and LinkedIn had a baby, it’d be Shapr. Instead of finding a date, you can swipe right or left on like-minded professionals, mentors, future business partners, or maybe even future employers.


Trello is the best thing to happen to project management ever. Collaborate with your team—on anything from brainstorming ideas, allocating tasks, to monitoring checklists.


Whether you’re trying to schedule a meeting at work or trying to get a group of friends for dinner, we all know the struggle of getting a large group of people together with conflicting schedules. Doodle lets meeting participants submit their daily schedules and then comes up with feasible meeting times for everyone

Rescue Time

Ever wonder just exactly how much time you spend on Twitter every day? This app tracks your phone usage and lets you know how much time your spending and where to help you break your bad browsing habits.


You know about LinkedIn, but did you know how powerful it can be on your phone? The app just received major upgrades regarding user experience. Having LinkedIn on your phone allows you to discreetly alert recruiters in your area that you’re looking for a new job, access background information without spending several minutes on Google, and establishing relationships with industry leaders and similar careerists.


Known as the “Tinder for job seekers,” this app syncs up with your LinkedIn profile and curates from job boards. Jobr creates a profile based on your LinkedIn profile, and from there, you can swipe right or left on jobs Jobr thinks you might be interested in. If you swipe right, your profile will be sent to a recruiter representing that job. It’s an easy way to quickly scan through open positions and let recruiters know you’re interested.


Mint allows you to manage your finances and bank account. Users can set spending limits and alerts on things like food, shopping, happy hour, and other life expenses. This app is useful for those of us who are just starting to manage our finances or could be a little better.

Google Docs

Google Docs saves documents and notes without being connected to the internet, so you’ll never have to worry about not be able to write up important documents without wifi. Since it’s linked to the desktop version, you’ll never miss a beat, and your work is stored on multiple devices.


You ever remembered that you needed to send an email at 2 AM? Boomerang helps schedule those emails for regular business hours, so you don’t forget about them. It can also help queue important emails that must go out on specific dates, a tool that’s perfect for just about anyone.

What are some apps you use to boost productivity and manitain a more organized lifestyle? Let me know in the comments!

Apps for Young Professionals

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