I’m Tired of Being a Good Woman to Men Who Aren’t Ready

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I am the type of woman a guy can take home to mom, and you know she’ll love me.I am the type of woman  who’s honest, loyal, devoted, and will stand by the side of the person I love no matter what. I am intelligent, driven, educated, and have a life and dreams of my own. I am the type of woman you want to marry and be the mother of your kids.

I am a good woman, but honestly, I’m tired of being this way.I'm Tired of Being a Good Woman to Men Who Aren't ReadyBeing a good woman in today’s dating scene is not only exhausting, but starting to seem pointless. Why be the type of woman I listed above when all it’s gotten me is cheated on, lied to, led on, and hurt? I’ve always been the type of person who goes into relationships with pure intentions, but I’m starting to find that’s not the standard. I’m exhausted with the idea of continuing to date in a world where people purposefully lead you on, play games with you, and waste your time. While going out on dates and flirting can be fun, ultimately I know I’m too good and have too much going for me to waste my time on “ men” who say one thing and do another. I'm tired of being a good woman to men who aren't ready.

Every guy I’ve ever dated or been involved with has openly admitted he admires me for my drive, my mind, and my ability to be my own person and being fine on my own. While they love the idea of me, when push comes to shove they just can't fully commit to me. Dating a woman like me shouldn't seen as a challenge, but as a gift. I am not something to be conquered so that men can move on to the next victim after they’ve  gotten me emotionally involved. I am not someone they can use to push themselves and make them a better person while they can't offer the same to me. I am not arm candy so they can show off how great of a catch they got to their  friends. I am a person with feelings and emotions. I won’t partake in their games, because I know my worth and what I bring to the table.  I am tired of men who are drawn to everything I have to offer, but aren't willing to actually invest in me or a future together.

Most men are terrified of love and commitment, but are willing to waste your time anyways. To me, any emotionally mature adult  should have figured out before they get emotionally involved with someone if they are “ready” for a relationship or not. If it’s just about sex, there are plenty of women who are only looking for casual, no-strings-attached-sex. While there’s nothing wrong with that, why do they get involved with someone who’s open from the get-go that's not what they are looking for? There’s no point in starting what you can't finish, and I am tired of men who don’t have the emotional maturity it takes to get to the finish line.I'm Tired of Being a Good Woman to Men Who Aren't ReadyFinding a real man shouldn't be like coming across a unicorn. I shouldn't feel elated when I come across a guy who opens my door for me, texts me when he says he will, stays consistent and honest, or anything else that should be standard in courtship and a relationship. These are things men should be doing not only for me, but for every woman. Being a decent person and treating people with respect should be the standard, not the exception. I am tired of a dating culture that sets women up to accept the bare minimum, because somehow that has become “impressive”.

I’m putting my foot down and saying, “no more” to the bullshit. From now on, unless a guy truly steps up in a big way, he has no place in my life. I need to see that he’s honest and a good communicator. I need to see that he cares about me not only through words, but actions. I need to see that he is willing to put in work and pushes me to be better. Until this guy comes along, I’m going to focus on being a good woman for myself, because I know it's what I deserve.I'm Tired of Being a Good Woman to Men Who Aren't Ready

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