The Best of Just a Girl in This World 2016

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I initially started Just a Girl in This World when I was a Campus Correspondent and contributor for Her Campus as a way to write about more “adult” things. I would never have been able to anticipate the success the blog has been and how many people are interested in hearing my unsolicited thoughts and words. Thank you all so much for you love and support on my journey into adulthood this past year! Here’s ‘The Best of Just a Girl in This World 2016.”

I Was Engaged, and Then I Wasnt

Planning a wedding is tough work, but it’s worth it when you know you’re going to meet the love of your life at the end of the aisle when it’s all said and done.  What you don’t expect is for him to end your engagement 47 days before your wedding in a text message. This was my top blog post of the year, and all I can say is “thank you,” to everyone who offered me a kind word and support during this tough time. In case you missed it, read it here.

Smashing Stereotypes & Breaking Barriers: Alexis Cain


I started my “Women Who Work” series to combat so many of the negative comments millennials and women hear on a daily basis. Studies have proven millennial women are the hardest working and most educated demographic in the workplace to date. Alexis Cain was the perfect woman to feature first in the series. Not only is she breaking barriers for women, but she is smashing stereotypes for those with intellectual disabilities. In case you missed it, read it here.

How To Stay Healthy At A Desk Job


If you’re sitting at a desk all day, you know how hard it is to stay healthy. Between the office snacks and being exhausted when you get home it can seem impossible. In case you missed it, get my tips on staying healthy here.

An Open Letter To The People Who Don’t Approve Of My Interracial Relationship


I thought having a baby sister who was half Indian/Pakistani and half white post 9/11 prepared me for how ugly and racist the world can be, but I was wrong. I have learned more about the world and racial tensions during my three-year interracial relationship than I did the previous 18 years of life. Read my open letter to the racist and bigoted people of the world here.

4 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Not Have A DIY Wedding


Wedding planning is already hard enough without taking on a billion DIY projects to save a tiny bit of money. If you’re not a “DIY bride” don’t fear, I’m not judging you for drinking wine on the couch instead of putting together flower arrangements. In case you missed it, read it here.

Body Parts Should Not Be Trends


Our bodies are not commodities the fashion industry can control and deem “in” or “out.” Out of all of my posts, this is the one that I am the proudest of. Read my bold statement here.

How to Rock NYFW Fall 2016 Trends For Normal Girls


If you love fashion, but have no idea how to wear the latest runway fashions this one is for you. In case you missed it, read it here.

The “Rein” of the Millennial Girl Boss: Britney & Crystal


Britney and Crystal are the definitions of “girl bosses.” These “Women WhoWork” prove that with incredible work ethic you can overcome any thing to become your boss. Learn more about them and Rein Consulting here.

A Letter To My Chapter On Bid Day


Going to your first sorority recruitment as an alum is a little weird, but also a little fun. Check out my letter to my chapter as they experienced my first bid day post-grad here.

Confessions Of A Sorority Girl During Recruitment


Sorority recruitment isn’t just glitter and pearls. It’s blisters on your feet, blood, sweat, and actual tears from exhaustion. in case you missed it, read it here.

What was your favorite blog post from 2016? Let me know in the comments!



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