4 Reasons to Catch Flights and Not Feelings

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Life is too short, and there are too many places to see and adventures to be had to worry about commitment. Here are “4 Reasons to Catch Flights and Not Feelings.”

I’d rather spend my money on experiences than things that offer me no long-term value

Catch Flights and Not Feelings

Saving up and spending my money on trips to exotic places that are going to make me grow as a person sounds a lot more appealing to me than wasting all of my money on bar tabs and clothes. Every time I travel to a new place; I come back a different and better person. I can’t say the same thing after a night of too many vodka sodas.

This is my time to be as selfish as possible

Catch Flights and Not Feelings

I am at a point in my life where I am not willing to compromise my ability to go anywhere and do whatever I want for the sake of having someone to sleep next to at night. While the idea of a relationship sounds lovely, I know that I am not ready to settle down or have any extra baggage (pun intended) to have to worry about. This is my time to fill with passport stamps and memories- on my own.

God didn’t bless me with brains, beauty, and sass to waste it on a dick-head

Catch Flights and Not Feelings

Let’s be real, no guy at this age is going to bring to the table what I know I deserve from a partner, so, why bother? I’m not down to play games or feel attachment followed by inevitable heartbreak when I am perfectly fine and content to be on my own. I know what I have to offer, and until someone shows me that he’s willing to pick up what I put down, I am going to live freely and on my terms.

I need to learn how to stand completely on my own and grow into myself

Catch Flights and Not Feelings

Your twenties are your time to figure out who you are and grow into the badass person you’re meant to be. There’s plenty of time for commitment and love down the road, but this is my time to learn to be completely independent of anyone else and to figure out what makes me happy in life. After I’ve figured this all out, then maybe, I’ll be ready to catch flights AND feelings for the right guy.

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