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A collection of articles, profiles, and blog pieces that I have written for other websites, magazines, news publications, and bloggers. If you’re interested in collaborating with me to write a guest piece or article for your website or blog, please email me at

contributor pieces guest posts

Her Campus was founded by a group of Harvard undergraduates who saw a need for a space for women in journalism. It is currently the largest online magazine for collegiate women in the world.

Cooler Making 101

Why Justin Bieber is Actually a College Kid

How to Spot a Basic Girl on Campus in the Fall

Student Involvement at UTSA

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Apartment Ready for Fall That Dont Break the Bank

Campus Carry at UTSA

Ify Michael Egwuagu

Justin Chavez – A DJ on the Come Up

Lucas O’Brien – UTSA Basketball

Meet Your New Ms. UTSA 2015: Manojna

John Wynkoop – UME DJ Contest Frontrunner

The Most Powerful Women at UTSA

Kelsey Day: Business Woman and Lover of Beer

Ellen Wallace: Future Nurse and Queen of the JPL

Andrew Hubbard: UTSA President-Elect

Jennifer Walker: Brawn, Brains, & Beauty

Korede Osifuwa: UTSA’s Favorite Brit