What True Potterheads Loved About “ Cursed Child”

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If you’ve read “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” you can appreciate this. *SPOILER ALERTS*

1. Getting to go back to Hogwarts one last time.


JK Rowling has been very open about the fact that this is the last generation of Harry Potter characters. We got to go to Platform 9 3/4, ride the Hogwarts Express, and sit in on classes at Hogwarts all over again.

A busy crowded station. Full of people trying to go somewhere. Amongst the hustle and bustle, two large cages rattle on top of two laden trolleys. They’re being pushed by two young boys, James Potter and Albus Potter, their mother, Ginny, follows after. A thirty-seven-year-old man, Harry, has his daughter, Lily, on his shoulders.

2. The close bond that STILL remains between Harry, Ron, and Hermoine.


22 years has had nothing on our favorite trio. Not only are they just as close, but so are their children, Rose and Albus.

Rose: Al. We need to concentrate
Albus: Concentrate on what?
Rose: On who we choose to be friends with. My mum and dad met you dad on their first Hogwart’s Express, you know…
Albus: So we need to choose now who to be friends with for life? That’s quite scary…

3. That same bond being formed between Albus and Scorpius.


A couple of outsiders bond together to form a “friend goals” worthy friendship… Sound familiar?  No matter how badly you hated the Malfoy’s or wanted Harry to punch Draco in his smug little blonde face, you can’t deny that the friendship between Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy warms your heart. Both outsiders, they find and build a bond that stands the test of time.

Delphi: That’s the thing, isn’t it? About friendships. You don’t know what he needs. You only know he needs it. Find him, Scorpius.You don’t know what he needs. You only know he needs it. Find him, Scorpius. You two-you being together.

4. No matter what alternate reality they end up in, Ron & Hermoine always love each other.


Time nor space can negate the fact that these two are supposed to be together. Even if you’re heart broke when Ron & Hermoine never had Rose, and Hermoine was a bitter school-marm, and Ron was miserably married to Padma Patel, or even when they were two rebels who died confessing their love for each other while Dementors sucked out their souls, your heart couldn’t help but SWELL over the fact that they really were soul mates.

Ron: I’m scared
Hermoine: Kiss me
Ron thinks and then does. And then the two are yanked apart. And pinned to the ground. And we watch as a goldish-whitish haze is pulled from their bodies.

5. Getting to fall in love with Snape all over again.


Snape’s allegiances never changed, even when he lived in a reality where the Dark Lord reigned. When Scorpius explains to him, that in another reality his best friend is after Snape, your heart cries. Then, when Snape sacrifices his self for Scorpius, your heart shatters into a million tiny shards of glass that can never be put back together again.

Snape: Harry Potter is dead
Scorpius: Not in my world. He said you were the bravest man he’d ever met. He knew, you see- he knew your secret- what you did for Dumbledore. And he admired you for it greatly. And that’s why he named his son-my best friend—after you both. Albus Severus Potter.

6. Albus meeting James & Lily, and being able to tell Harry about the significance of the blanket he gave him.


All Harry ever had of his parents were pictures, stories, and the blanket he was wrapped in when he showed up on the Dursley’s doorstep. When Albus time travels to Godric’s Hollow, he gets to see his grandparents, and specifically how lovingly Lily wraps Harry into his blanket lovingly. Cue the tears

Lily exits the house with baby Harry in a pram, she carefully puts a blanket on him.

Albus: His blanket. She’s wrapping him in his blanket.

7. Seeing Hagrid ONE. LAST. TIME.


Does this even need any explanation?

Well. Hello. Yeh must be Harry.
Hello, Harry Potter.
I’m Rubeus Hagrid.
And I’m gunna be yer friend whether yeh like it or not.

8. No matter what, we will have Harry, Ron, and Hermoine to teach us about true love and friendship. 


If there’s one thing that I learned from the original series, its that there is nothing more valuable in this world than real, loyal friends. Friendship and love can conquer anything in this world. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are the epitome of real friendship. And through the pages of the Harry Potter series, it will live on forever. They are not just books; they are a place in our heart.

*As harry watches Voldemort prepare to kill his family*

Ginny: You don’t have to watch, Harry. We can go home.
Harry: I’m letting ithappen..Of course, I have to watch.
Hermoine: Then we’ll all witness it.
Ron: We’ll all watch

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