10 Things You Hear When You’re Dating a Blogger

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Dating a blogger isn’t the easiest task in the world. We’re creative chaos, focused on analytics and building our brand, and pretty much always on the go due to our busy schedules. Here’s to the amazing people who take all of our pictures, read over our work, and tell us on a daily basis never to give up on our dreams!

“Hey babe can you take my picture…?”

dating a blogger

*Cue eye rolling* If you date a blogger expect to hear this anytime you pass a colored wall, interesting backdrop, or you’re just crossing the street. You can always expect the requirements to be along the lines of candid, from “my good angle,” and to take at least ten pictures before you’ve captured ‘the one.” Perks are that you or your significant other have become pro-photographers.

“I can’t get off my phone! I’m working…”

dating a blogger

Whether you’re on a date, in a movie, or at home on the couch you can expect your blogger to be on their phone poring over analytics, creating content, or managing their social media. Really, they’re not being rude or ignoring you on purpose, but it takes hustle to build a blogging empire.

“Just a sec, I have to post this photo/blog post at this exact time if I want maximum views.”

dating a blogger

As a significant other, you may have no idea how this all works, so you just roll with it. If you’re a blogger you know that posting at the wrong time can cost you likes and views. Thankfully you have a better half that’s supportive and doesn’t think you’re crazy (kind of).

“Can you read this before I post it?”

dating a blogger

We just really, really, really value your opinion.

“Between these 6 identical images, which one should I post?”

Image result for camera roll iphone selfies


It doesn’t matter if they all look exactly the same, if you’re dating a blogger expect this text at least once a week. Kudos to you if you can offer any advice on how they can adjust their filter or angle to make it work better.

“I can’t go out tonight…I have to work on my website…”

dating a blogger

Sorry not sorry, dreams don’t work unless you do.

“Okay so this blog post about “how not to kill your partner when they refuse to pick up their dirty socks”  might have been inspired by you, but it’s not exactly about you…”

dating a blogger

Anything in our lives is fodder for web publication, so beware.

“I just got a really good idea for a post!”

dating a blogger

While they type furiously into their phone notes. It can happen while you’re taking a walk, driving in the car, or even at 2 am when you’re in bed asleep. Creativity never takes a break.

“This place has great aesthetic… We’ll have to come back when the lighting is better.”

dating a blogger

Natural lighting is key for having the best Instagram account.

“Thanks for always supporting me and pushing me to chase my dreams. You’re the best.”

dating a blogger

No, really you are! We don’t know what we’d do without you.

Are you a blogger or dating a blogger? What are some other things a blogger significant other should be prepared for? Let me know in the comments!


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