Eva’s Essentials Review

I have not received any type of compensation to write this review. I’m simply writing it because I love supporting small businesses with great products!

To me, there is nothing better after a long day or tough workout than laying in a warm bath. I probably got this from my mom, who can sit in the tub for hours and hours reading a book. Another thing I learned to love by following her example is bath products. We are both always trying and recommending natural bath salts, bath bombs, lotions, or essential oil blends to each other. As an early Christmas gift this year, she got me a gift basket from Eva’s Essentials, a small local business in Odessa, TX that specializes in all the things we love! The gift basket in question came with bath bombs, shower bomb, bath salts, a loofah, and a candle. Me being me, I was super excited to test these out after my mom raved about them.

Bath Bombs

Image Courtesy of Eva’s Essentials Favebook Page
Even though I love bath products, my sensitive skin makes me wary of breakouts and eczema patches. When I tried Eva’s Essentials warm cider bath bomb, my skin was scaly and dry from the West Texas water I’m no longer accustomed to since moving away from home. When I plopped the bath bomb into my bath, it instantly made my water bubble up and made my whole bathroom smell like Christmas. The true test was after I came out of the tub, and my skin was soft and moisturized vs looking like a lizard skin pre-bath.

Bath Salts

Image Courtesy of Eva’s Essentials Favebook Page

Having been a dancer for 13 years, I am no stranger to the wonders that Epsom and bath salts can do for tired and aching muscles. Seriously, they’re the best. Not only are they good for sore limbs, but the magnesium and sulfate are great for drawing toxins from your body and skin. Being home for break definetly messed up my sleep schedule and made going to bed before 4 a.m, and getting up before 12 p.m a struggle. I used the “wake up” bath salts one morning that I had to be up early, and the bath salts did what I’m accustomed to them doing, and then some! My skin was soft after my bath, and the smell from the salts was a pleasant wake-up call.

Image Courtesy of Eva’s Essentials Facebook Page

Overall, I’m giving Eva’s Essentials a 10/10. If her products can make my sensitive and dry skin feel even better than before, then they will work for anyone’s skin! If you’re not a bath taker, she makes multiple use shower bombs that do everything from clear up your sinuses, to help you relax after a long day. Plus, who doesn’t love supporting small businesses? Especially when each product is attached to a little “thank you” note from Eva herself! If you’re interested in getting pricing information, testing out the products, or getting a special someone a gift set- you can contact Eva’s Essentials on Facebook.
Photos Courtesy of Eva’s Essesntials Facebook Page

Be on the look out for a very special announcement regarding a collaboration between Just a Girl in this World & Eva’s Essentials very soon!

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