Fuck the Hustle

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hus•tle (ˈhʌs əl)

  1. -tled, -tling,


  1. to proceed or work rapidly or energetically.

  2. to push or force one’s way; jostle or shove.

  3. to be aggressive, esp. in business or other financial dealings.

  4. Slang. to earn one’s living by illicit or unethical means.

  5. Slang. (of a prostitute) to solicit clients.

  6. to convey or cause to move, esp. to leave, roughly or hurriedly.

  7. to pressure or coerce (a person) to buy or do something, esp. something illicit or ultimately unprofitable.

  8. to urge, prod, or speed up: Hustle your work along.

  9. to obtain by aggressive and often illicit means: to hustle money from unsuspecting tourists.

  10. to sell, promote, or publicize aggressively or vigorously.

  11. to jostle, push, or shove roughly


While this millennial buzzword has many meanings, in the late twenty-teens it means tirelessly working on your business or goals to get where you want to be as quickly as possible. Everyone’s got a side-hustle (if one more of you adds me to a Lip Sense or Scentsy Group without my consent I will lose my shit), hustling to reach their dreams, or on their grind. A quick search on Etsy and you can find it on everything from mouse pads to onesies. “Entrepreneur” has become synonymous with “type- A workaholic with zero work life balance.” Hustle may be everywhere, but I think it’s time to label it what it is, self-destructive and stupid. In fact, I think it’s time we all start saying, “fuck the hustle.”

The cold hard truth is, if you have to hustle or grind to achieve your dreams 24/7 you’re not working effectively or efficiently.

 When’s the last time someone asked you and vice versa “how have you been?” and the answer wasn’t “busy?” It makes us feel special to be busy and out busy our counterparts. Besides causing a myriad of stress related health conditions, the 24/7/hustle mentality has been shown to lower your productivity and decrease business making ability and creativity- all things that are conducive to running your business or your ability to achieve success. The cold hard truth is, if you have to hustle or grind to achieve your dreams 24/7 you’re not working effectively or efficiently. There’s a difference between being productive and being busy, and the person who’s productive is going to outwork the “busy” person every day of the week. People who get shit done done don’t have a 30 task to-do list because they’re focusing on things that truly matter and they sure as hell aren’t bragging about how hard they have to hustle to get it done.  


We’re obsessed with $20 Lush bath bombs and “treating yo self” yet have been deemed the “anxious generation.”

Ironically enough, another  huge millennial buzzword is “self-care.” We’re obsessed with $20 Lush bath bombs and “treating yo self” yet have been deemed the “anxious generation.” In a world of Mark Zuckerberg’s & Elon Musk’s’ it’s no surprise 86% of us are having some form of mid-life crisis due to the mentality that we have to have “made it” before 30. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful or working hard to achieve your goals, there is something wrong with abusing your body. Stress related health conditions can range from lack of sleep to severe depression. In a perfect world, that $20 bath bomb would restore your lost hours of sleep and mental health, but this is reality and no amount of bath bombs is going to keep you from having a mental breakdown.  The world’s successful, influential, and wealthy (who are actually happy) take the time to sleep, exercise, socialize, and disconnect from their smartphones and the world.

Our culture rewards the idea of always doing something and rewards so-called efficiency, even when it’s not at all healthy or attainable. When you buy into the idea that you have to constantly be hustling to achieve your dreams or be seen as valuable, you’re joining a cult no one ever really wants to be a part of, “The Cult of Busy.” While the Cult of Busy would love to convince you that the only way you’ll ever be successful is to to hustle your ass off- you can’t pour from an empty cup, It’s possible to have both impeccable work ethic AND work/life balance. If we’re ever going to be as successful as we say we want to be we have got to start saying “fuck the hustle” with both middle fingers in the air as high as possible.

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