11 Things Hyper-Sensitive Women Experience on a Daily Basis

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“Sensitive.” “Giving.” “Loyal.” “Standoffish.” “Careful.” “Homebody.” “Frazzled.” “Perceptive.”

If you have ever heard anyone utter these words to describe you, then there’s a huge chance that you are a hyper-sensitive/ perceptive person. Observant women feel, think, and love differently than the average person. Our superpower is feeling everything all at once, or not being able to feel anything at all. Here are “11 Things Perceptive Women Experience on a Daily Basis.”

  1. You notice EVERYTHING.

hyper sensitive women

From the smallest change in body language, tone of voice, or conversational shift- you notice it. This can either make you a master communicator or make you feel crazy when you’re trying to explain a situation or relationship with a person, and you have no hard evidence to back up what you know is true.

  1. You get accused of being “too sensitive” when you’re just overly perceptive.

hyper sensitive women

You are always being accused of being “too sensitive” or being told to “be more confident/positive” when you just can see things others cannot. You cant help it you’re more perceptive and in tune with what’s going on around you.

  1. You can read a book by its cover.

hyper sensitive women

Your first assessment of a person’s character within meeting them is often spot on. You’re normally either the first person in your friend group to say “I knew they were awesome” or “I knew they were trouble.”

  1. You absorb the energy of others around you.

hyper sensitive women

Being around someone who is pleasant and positive can leave you feeling euphoric for the rest of the day while consoling a sad or angry friend can either leave you inexplicably melancholy or with a sour taste in your mouth. You’ve learned to be selective with who you spend time your time around because of this.  

  1. You get overwhelmed or overstimulated easily.

hyper sensitive women

Because you absorb so much of the energy that’s going on around you, you tend to get flustered and agitated more easily than others. It’s normal for you to “freak out” about something others would find pretty trivial.

  1. You like to be alone- a lot.

hyper sensitive women

Being alone is your safe place and helps you find your center after a long day of being around other people. Large groups of people overwhelm you, so you’d prefer a night on the couch with wine by yourself or with a close friend over any other Friday night plans.

  1. You get told “I thought you were really quiet” or, “I assumed you didn’t like me at first” frequently.

hyper sensitive women

You’re neither of these things. You just like to get a feel for others personalities and quirks so you can adapt to them before you let loose and show them who you really are.

  1. You’re honest about how you feel or think.

hyper sensitive women

Because you feel others are being frank with you through their body language and tone, it’s easier for you to open up to them about what’s on your mind. Of course, only if you can tell they are a trustworthy person first.

  1. People perceive your forgiving heart as a weakness.

hyper sensitive women

People either judge you, love you, or try to take advantage of how forgiving or perceptive you can be towards others or in a situation. You generally can see all three sides to an issue- there’s, your’s, and the truth.

  1. You crave depth more than anything.

hyper sensitive women

You feel misunderstood by even those who are closest to you. When you let people in, they often tell you that you are much different and less shallow than they initially expected.This is probably because you live in your head because you like to explore your abstract thoughts and emotions versus talk about them out loud. When you find someone on the same emotional wavelength as you, you never let them go.

  1. You get hurt when others aren’t as kind or forgiving as you.

hyper sensitive women

It’s hard for you to understand how people can be so cruel or unable to be open-minded in most situations. It’s been a long road for you figuring out that not everyone loves or operates as you do, and that’s okay.

Still not convinced or sure you may be a hyper-sensitive person? Take this quiz to find out! Also, check out the “16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People.”

What are things you think overly perceptive experience on a daily basis? How many of these do you think ring true? Let me know in the comments section!

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