It’s Not Easy Having a Good Heart in This Generation

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16 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Having a Good Heart in This Generation

  1. I have to say, i don’t completely agree with what you wrote. I think, in general, it is hard to be vulnerable. But I think those my age are more compassionate, and willing to be vulnerable because of this stereotype about millennials that we’re basically useless.

  2. what a unique post! love that you shared your thoughts- to an extent I agree (personally I am a stone cold bitch with no emotions lol) but idk, I feel that our generation in particular is making more of an effort to understand/accept those around us. not sure if this is compassion or if it’s just that we’re a more tolerant generation though..

    1. I kind of feel you, Elly. When I get hurt I have a “humanity switch” that I just flip the switch on and I’m evil lol. I definitely think it has more to do with tolerance, which is a huge strength of millennials. We are more accepting of differing points of view and alternative lifestyles, we just don’t want to get close to anyone.

  3. I do feel like our generation is scared to love at times. They’re too scared to be hurt so they don’t pursue relationships like they should. I experienced this a lot when I was in college, specifically with guys who were just interested in a fling and nothing more.

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