A Letter To My Chapter On Bid Day

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Dear Sisters,
It feels so surreal that for the first time in four years I won’t be suiting up and wearing my most ridiculous bid day gear, getting ready with all of you, welcoming home our new sisters, and spending the night celebrating recruitment FINALLY being over with pizza and lots of twerk-worthy music playing in the background.

a letter to my sisters on bid day
My bid card!

My two favorite bid days in my time as an active in our sorority were my own bid day, and my littles bid day. At my own bid day I was a college freshman who was looking for a way to get involved, and find a group of friends. While I knew absolutely nothing about college life, I knew that THIS was where I belonged. I remember how nervous I was opening my bid, and how good it felt to run out to my 53 new “sisters.” Two years later, I was a junior who thought she had it all figured out. I knew instantly at pre-recruitment event that summer that the girl i was talking to was destined to be our sister, and my little. When she opened her bid card on bid day and ran straight to me to give me a hug, i wanted to start bawling my eyes out right there. Just thinking about these two days now makes my heart happy.

a letter to my chapter on bid day
My perfect little!

When I was an active, I lived for recruitment. I loved getting to go to events, meeting potential new members, and how much closer it brought us all together. It was really unnatural to have to sit in the back of the room this year as an alumna and watch you guys do your thing without me and other women standing next to me who also graduated in May. When did we get so old? Where did the time go by?

A Letter To My Chapter On Bid Day
First bid day as an initiated member in 2013.

I know how hard this recruitment season was. I know alllllll about all the workshops and mandatory events you had to go to, all about your blisters and sore feet, and especially how happy you are for it all to be over so you can catch up on sleep and homework. If I can leave you with any advice after my four years in our chapter, i would tell you not to take any of the above for granted. Four years (or five if you take a lap) go by MUCH more quickly than you think. Cherish every moment you have in this chapter and with your sisters. Cherish all of the fun memories make make while you’re up at 4 am deliriously laughing while you help prepare the recruitment room for the next day or work on your bid day outfits. Remember to always strive to maintain the closeness our chapter gains during recruitment season. Remember to be the best example you can be for those women joining our chapter today, as they are the future of our sisterhood.

A Letter To My Chapter On Bid Day
Some of my pledge class at a recruitment event in 2014

I love all of you and this sorority so much. Without it I would not be the woman I am today. Each and every one of you made me proud this past weekend with how you carried yourselves with poise and purpose as you recruited new members for our chapter. Good luck today, and have fun. You guy deserve it!

Alpha Love & Mine 5 Ever,
Your Sister



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