What My “Mothers” Have Taught Me

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I come from an incredibly blended and large family, and because of this I was not only raised by one woman but a village of them. Each of these women has taught me something special, and I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge them, and the lessons they have taught me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally!

My Grandmother, the woman that raised me.

  1. To love the Lord.
  2. The value of hard work.
  3. How to give until I can’t give anymore, and somehow find it in myself to give a little more.
  4. To not put up with anyone’s sh*t.
  5. The value of a well-placed curse word.
  6. How to save money.
  7. How to cook.
  8. How to use vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil to solve any problem.
  9. The value of not only an education but an appreciation for reading.

My Stepmom, the woman who has always loved me as her own.

  1. How to keep going, no matter how bad thing are, and no matter what setbacks you face.
  2. To always have faith.
  3. How to bargain shop with the best of them.

My Great-Grandmother, my memaw.

  1. For showing me what a marriage should look like, by watching her and my pepaw.
  2. The value of forgiveness and grace.
  3. How to not only be a woman of God but a true southern woman.
  4. How to be classy and timeless.
  5. The value of taking care of my skin and my body. She looks fabulous in her mid-eighties.

My older sister.

  1. For showing me to always have an open heart.

My Great-Grandmother, my Grandma Jean.

  1. Emphasizing the need to be kind, honest, and full of love.
  2. Showing me the importance of following God.
  3. Giving me an example of true love in her relationship with my Grandpa Russel.

My Nana. 

  1. How to have fun at any age.
  2. To not care what anyone thinks.

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