11 Facts You Need to Know About the Orgasm Gap

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What is the orgasm gap & why does it matter?

The orgasm gap refers to the fact that men have more orgasms than women. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hook-up or committed relationship, whether they are gay or straight men are getting off more than their female counterparts.

It matters because 40% of women experience sexual dissatisfaction, associated with a chronic difficulty in achieving climax. Besides the obvious health benefits of sex, orgasms are important parts of sexual relationships and bonding. Here’s “ Facts You Need to Know About the Orgasm Gap” to help bridge it.

Women have 1/3 (39 percent of women versus 91 percent of men) the amount of orgasms men have. 

orgasm gap

67% of women have faked an orgasm.

orgasm gap

How are most of our orgasm’s happening?

orgasm gap

Women have more orgasms when they masturbate than when they are with a partner.

orgasm gap

57% of women most or every time they have sex with their partner while 95% say their partner’s orgasm every time.

orgasm gap

Why women feel like they aren’t orgasming with a partner.

orgasm gap

When having sex with a familiar partner, women said they have an orgasm 63% of the time; men said 85% of the time.

orgasm gap

78% of women believe their partner cares if they orgasm, but 72% had a partner climax and not attempt to help them finish.

orgasm gap

Good news for people in committed relationships though.

orgasm gap

Not so good news for straight women. 

orgasm gap

Don’t worry though ladies, it gets better with age. 

orgasm gap

Why is there an orgasm gap?

Lack of sex-positive sexual education.

Most sexual education programs focus more on abstinence than sexual pleasure and why it’s important. The idea of masturbation and why body exploration is important is not broached, so many women have to rely on porn in secret- which is not real life- in order to have an outlet to define their sexuality and preferences. 

We prioritize the male orgasm.

For various reasons, we have made the male orgasm more important than female’s but scientifically speaking, there is the idea that male orgasm helps facilitate reproduction, as it is invariably required for ejaculation. 

Rape culture stigmatizes female sexuality.

There is a stigma against women initiating sex and communicating what they want sexually in our society. Women are supposed to enjoy sex but are not allowed to talk about how much they like it. 

Women tend to have more insecurities than men. 

If you’re focusing more on your body dissatisfaction than your sexual satisfaction, this can seriously hinder your ability to be in the moment and enjoy sex in general. 

How do we bridge the orgasm gap?

Clitoral knowledge

Both women and men must understand that the clitoris is key to women’s orgasms. A very small percentage of women (about 3 – 10%) reliably orgasm from penetration alone. Most women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Apply the knowledge

In one study, knowledge of the clitoris wasn’t related to women’s rates of orgasm. These authors concluded that “knowledgeable women, or their partners, do not give priority to orgasm for women.” Again, when penetration is involved, it’s often considered the main event and mistakenly assumed to be the way that both partners should orgasm. So, to close the orgasm gap, we have to hold clitoral stimulation and penetration as equal.

Take control of your sexuality

You are entitled to pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Stop worrying about how you look during sex. 

Communicate with your partner

Take the knowledge you’ve learned about your body and communicate that to your partner. If you can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation- tell them. Positive sexual health relies on your ability to communicate your wants and needs to your partner, and taking control of your sexuality. 

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