5 Planners You Need to Get Organized in 2017

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I am that girl who ALWAYS. HAS. A. PLANNER. I carry one in my purse, have two on my desk, and of course live by my google calendar. The thing is, my life has zero organization without a planner. Here are, 5 Planners You Need to Get Organized in 2017.

I love that this planner has a ton of room to write “to-do’s,” stickers, and a pocket all for $9.99.



Nothing says “new semester, new me” like a brand new Lilly planner!

I love the fun floral print on this planner and the fact that it has a card holder in the back. Bonus: it has a coordinating wall calendar.


Small and inconspicuous enough to where your friends will just assume that’s where you keep your brunch appointments instead of planning world domination. Plus, it’s small enough to slip into your purse.


Along with being purse sized and suiting all of your daily planning needs, this planner allows you to plan out goals and check them off as you go. The coloring book in the back is also pretty cool.


Do you have a favorite planner to use? Let me know in the comments!

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