22 Things I Learned at 22

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My 22nd year will always be remembered as the year I had to be broken down completely to learn my value and the importance of loving myself first.

I started off the year getting to study abroad in India. I made major life moves like graduating college and getting engaged. I almost died from a routine procedure that caused me to bleed out, and I found out I had fibromyalgia.  I entered the real world and learned a lot about where my passions lie. I started my blog and inspired women all over the world with my story.  I found out that the boy who loved me never loved me after all.

By the end of the year, I hit rock bottom with my depression and anxiety.  I lost and gained loved ones, I (mostly) cried, I laughed, and at one point I was completely broken down and destroyed- yet, here I am still alive.

My 22nd year of life may not have been perfect or ended the way I thought it would, but it was a HUGE learning experience for me. The main takeaway from this past year is that I need to love myself more. More than my obligations. More than people who will never love me back. May 23 be the year for growth, self-love, and happiness. Here are “22 Things I Learned at 22.”

Lessons on Graduating and Entering the Real World


  1. Enjoy all the little things that make up your senior year of college. Go out. Have fun. Make those final memories.
  2. Graduating is actually terrifying.
  3. Staying in a job that makes you miserable is not worth the money.
  4. The real world has a lot less time for napping.

Lessons on Friendship and Family


  1. Nights on the couch drinking wine and watching movies with your friends are the best ones.
  2. Appreciate the time you have with your loved ones because you don’t know when you’ll see them next.
  3. Real friends are people who recognize all of your flaws but still love you endlessly. Keep them by you at all costs.
  4. When your mom tells you a guy is not good for you, she’s 100% right.

Lessons on Self Love & Health


  1. Your health and well-being are worth more than anything. Take care of yourself.
  2. Exercise is the best cure for anxiety.
  3. Appreciate every breath you take and waking up alive.You never know when your health is going to be stripped from you.
  4. You are capable, intelligent, strong, and extraordinary. Don’t let anyone dim your star.
  5. Sleep, water, veggies, and vitamins are your best friends.
  6. Alone time is the best time. Revel in it.
  7. Travel is essential to healing and growth. Go out and see the world.

Lessons on Love and Heartbreak


  1. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.
  2. When your gut tells you something is off or wrong, follow it.
  3. You’re worth way more than lies and broken promises.
  4. Know when to walk away.
  5. Just because you want to trust someone, doesn’t mean you should.
  6. Someone who loves you will not get pleasure in destroying you and breaking you down.
  7. You don’t always get a happy ending, and no, your soulmate isn’t always the person you end up with.


What are some life lessons you learned in the past year? Let me know in the comments!


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