7 Things That Should Always Be in Your Bag

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Winning is the science of being totally prepared- George Allen, Sr.

Stay prepared with the “7 Things That Should Always Be in Your Bag.”

Things That Should Always Be in Your Bag

Wallet with cash

Whether you lose your card or just need change to be able to buy an emergency coke from the vending machine at work, you should always carry some sort of cash on you. You never know when that Square will be down, or the iPad won’t be working, or the Wi-Fi will act up, and you’ll appreciate the emergency cash in these situations.

Mini-emergency kit

My mom has been making me carry one of these things around since the 7th grade, and it has never failed me. You never think about how useful and small needle and thread are or even a nail file are until you rip your skirt at the bar or snag a nail before a big job interview.

Resume saved on email or phone

You never know who you’re going to meet or what opportunities will arise for you. Whether it be in line for coffee or at a networking event the possibility of meeting someone who can change your life should be enough for you to always keep an updated resume on hand. I’ve talked about the Google Docs app before, but saving it to your email or screenshotting it works just as well.

Pen and a small notebook or planner

Be the change you want to see in the world, aka be the only person who has a pen in their purse when it’s needed. Carrying around a pen and my planner has saved me in more situations than I can count whether I’m at the bank filling out a deposit slip or my phone has died and I need to take down an important number or note an important date.


One of these days you’re going to be stuck in traffic of you’re gonna be stuck at the office on your lunch break, and you’re going to thank yourself for bringing along that protein bar you carry around in your purse.

Portable phone charger and USB cord

Back in the stone ages, there was a payphone on every corner you could use in an emergency and people knew how to read a map. In 2017, neither of these is true. You won’t regret keeping a USB cord and portable charger in your purse when your phone dies in the middle of giving you directions or you need to play tunes in your friend’s car.

Mints or gum

This one is kind of obvious. Eat your tuna salad for lunch with peace of mind knowing you have mints in your bag ready to go.

What are some things you always carry in your bag? Let me know in the comments!

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